Parking Lot Stripe Design

Parking lots are important especially as part of improvements on road navigation. The need to stripe them is an essential part of the road system. Good parking lot stripe design and adequate space are standard fixtures in most facilities and the federal policies regulate the design of car parks. Parking area striping is integral to the road system and facilities such as office buildings and a good design of the lots is therefore important.

A properly striped parking area directs people around the lot safely. Loading zone markings, crosswalks, stop bars and well marked vehicle boarding areas allows pedestrians to know where they ought to walk, areas to avoid and when to give a right of way to traffic. To assist in improving or preserving the flow of traffic in a parking lot, a qualified striping contractor will layout or re-stripe new markings based on the blueprints of the clients or using their own design. Assigning this project to a parking lot contractor requires a high degree of attention to detail as well as careful research so as to offer the best value for that project. Asphalt is the main material for developing the parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and airport runways.

Parking lot stripe design will be the guideline by which the striping contractor works. The facility managers need to be concise on the project deliverables and the expected output. This will help the contractor to know what the targets are for guaranteed quality work and satisfaction. Most painting contractor companies are stocking up on the latest innovations and technological advancements and products so as to produce quality work. The products and services offered by a professional stripping contractor includes parking lot striping, asphalt seal coatings, handicapped stencils and line marking, helicopter landing pad, bollard installation, parking block installation and crack filling.

Key elements of a great parking lot stripe design include stall widths which reflect the expected mix of vehicle models, appropriate provisions for handicapped accessible parking and aisle widths which meet or exceed the minimal requirements of stall layout design. Drive aisles allow for traffic flow within the parking stall and offers adequate area for the motorists to back out of the lots. Dimensions for the parking lots vary with jurisdiction. White is the standard color for car parking lot markings. Yellow designates areas that are not available for parking like painted islands at parking row ends. Blue designates handicapped accessible spaces while red curbs denote fire lanes where car parking is prohibited.

Some important considerations that striping contractors factor in includes maximizing space by proper planning to get a neat and effective layout. The parking lot should be able to accommodate as many vehicles as possible while maintaining cost effectiveness. The parking lot should be well organized to ensure efficient traffic flow. In addition, the striping design should designate the parking lot needs for visitors, employees disabled persons and customers. A professional contractor should adhere to all the safety precautions and guidelines that are accepted within the industry.

The benefits of storm shutters

Storm shutters are installed specifically to protecting the occupants of the building from storms. Some of the materials that are used to make shutters include; metal, plastic and wood. It is advisable to have these shutters installed in your house if you live in areas that experience hurricanes and storms. They are normally hinged at the top of the window in order to protect your home and valuables during a storm. Here are the benefits of installing a storm shutter in your home.

To start with, storm shutters will protect your house from debris and other flying objects from entering your house through the broken windows. Such objects are extremely destructive since they are thrown by the impact of the storm. They can destroy most of your valuable belongings if they enter the house. This will also ensure that the occupants of the house are safe. These objects can cause major injuries to the people in the house if they gain entry into the house through the broken windows. Shutters will therefore provide a barrier to ensure that such objects are kept at bay.

Since the shutters will protect the windowpanes in your house, the air pressure in your house will remain stable even during the storm period. The storm will create negative pressure outside your house which can very destructive if allowed into the house. Such pressure can increase the likelihood of the collapse of the building roof.

The shutters can also protect your home from looters after the storm and also during the night. Sometimes the storm can be very destructive to an extent that all windows and some of the doors are broken. If this happens, your house will be left open to looters. This is why you will need to install shutters in order to protect your highly priced assets and other belongings from such people.

Comparison of Asphalt and Concrete Driveways

Every time you are about to construct a driveway, the comparison of asphalt and concrete usually produces a bit disagreement. The most distinctive current paying methods however are asphalt and concrete. Due to the variety of ways the product can be utilized, concrete and asphalt collectively have extensive history in the building industry. Now emerges inescapable question, “Which is the best product for garage surfaces or/and parking sites?” The response may shock almost everyone. In case you have a housing property or business, the results reported by industry experts as well to scientific findings are very enlightening. Each features different benefit over the other.  Ensure your paving company is associated with the ACPA.

Here are some reasons why you can choose concrete or asphalt for your driveway:

Durability and Maintenance

Concrete provides high durability and, not like asphalt, it is cheap to maintain. If the concrete driveway is positioned appropriately with steel toughened concrete, a proper-compacted sub-base, and the seal, then you can anticipate it to stay for greater than 30 years with least maintenance relying on the finish.

Alternatively, asphalt needs resealing every three years, which is the highest number of years it will stay with no kind of maintenance. Additionally, you may also require adding another asphalt surface in as untimely as 5 years. Asphalt lasts soft until it is properly cured, which can take about 6 to 12 months. The initial sealing of asphalt is usually done 6 to 9 months following installation, doing it too early before the asphalt is well cured, can lead an asphalt layer permanently soft.

Still, even completely cured asphalt will not be as long lasting or tough as concrete. You have possibly noticed asphalt driveways and roads becoming sticky at times of hot day, especially, in temperatures ranging 800C or above. In this situation, a car or other heavy-load objects will definitely leave a lasting mark on an asphalt road. Thus, if you came from a hot environment, asphalt is actually not appropriate for your highway.


Your highway is right in front of your residence hence would not you want it to look attractive. Through asphalt, you will certainly have what is also referred to as a “black top driveway”. Even though decorative asphalt is currently available, it is quite new, not broadly accessible and the choices are still limited compared to ornamental concrete. For example, the top provider of a decorative asphalt services give simply six types of patterns obtainable in around a dozen shades with a choice to place an accent or/and brick or cobble margin. Whilst the technology is innovative, it may not just be compared to the broader range of style methods, color and design alternatives that decorative concrete provides.

Long-term Costs

Lower forthright costs are the main basis why homeowners choose to use asphalt on their street with about 40% savings on installation expenses compared to concrete. Nevertheless, though you less firstly to set up asphalt than concrete on your highway, asphalt will not stay for long as concrete. Hence, at the end, you will pay more on surfacing and maintaining an asphalt driveway than when you include a concrete one. Therefore, in case you are thinking of resurfacing your aged driveway, or you are acquiring a fresh residence, concrete highways are the most choices. It incorporates permanence, long-term, and curbs plea savings so you normally obtain exceptional value for your cash.


You must account for the region you live and in your financial plan. Living in a colder climate, you should perhaps consider asphalt for your driveway. If you stay in a warmer environ, concrete will certainly be your option for your driveway. At this time, if you stay in a region with moderate climate, you will probably have a tougher while doing comparison of asphalt and concrete driveways. If you observe the factors mention above, it will be very simple for you to decide which to pick.

In case you are looking for something much affordable and durable at the end, then concrete will possibly be a better option for you. It is not necessary to do any of maintenance on it as you would when using asphalt and it is more long lasting. All together, if you cannot afford to pay for concrete product then asphalt may be the suitable choice for you. Even though it needs more maintenance than concrete does, asphalt is often the option people choose when attempting to maintain an upright budget.

Learn About Some Types of Asphalt Paving

types of asphaltAsphalt is one of the most popular materials that people usually use for pavement. This is reasonable because this material is very affordable and reliable for most people. Installing this material on the pavement construction is also very easy to do. Most people are able to handle this project easily. This material is specially designed to handle the effect of heavy loads. When people want to prevent rainwater from building up on their pavement, they should also use asphalt paving. There are several types of asphalt paving that people should understand. This article has several types of asphalt pavement that people should know about. Different types may have different features or benefits for all users.Here are some of those paving types.

a. Perpetual Types of Asphalt Paving

This material is composed from several layers that can be used to improve the longevity of particular asphalt paving. Each layer usually has specific function. The bottom layer is usually added with a flexible pavement layer. It is very useful to absorb the heavy load without damaging the asphalt paving. The middle layer is added to create permanent and firm casing. The top layer of this paving type is designed to protect this pavement. There are many people who love using this type of asphalt paving because it is very durable. People can keep this pavement for long period of time.

b. Porous

Porous asphalt paving is specially designed to dispersing water during heavy rains. The top layer has some tiny gaps that are very useful to allow all rainwater to be absorbed. Once the water comes into this porous paving, the water is going to pass several layers of stone bad. Porous asphalt paving is more expensive than the other types of asphalt paving. However, this type is the best one that people can use to combat rainwater from building up on the pavement. It is a great idea to install this type on certain areas that have high rainfall.rate.

c. Quiet

It is another popular type of paving made from asphalt materials. This type of paving is specially designed to reduce the noise along the pavement. It is a great material that can be used in heavy traffic areas. Many people love using this type of paving because it can help them reduce the noise to reach an acceptable decibel level. This quiet asphalt is made from stone matrix blend. This blended materials are very useful to act as the noise reduction materials. Many experts believe that this type of paving can reduce the noise as much as 5 decibels.

They are some popular types of asphalt paving. Different types may have different benefits for all customers. Therefore, people have to be very careful when choosing the best paving type for their purposes. It is recommended that people choose the best pavement from high quality construction company. There are many good companies that have many recommended asphalt paving products for their clients. Finding the best one is very advisable for people who do not want to get any problems in the future.

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Aspects

Commercial asphalt maintenance is one element of house management which is ignored regularly. In case a house owner features a pit within their building, it is far from given exactly the same emergency that the pit within their roofing would need. Regrettably, this particular neglect of the asphalt results in more expensive maintenance later on which could happen to be prevented when the house owner might have implemented a precautionary maintenance arrange for their own asphalt.

What is Asphalt Maintenance?

What exactly is commercial asphalt servicing?  Asphalt maintenance includes safeguarding asphalt by using the next techniques such as asphalt close off covering, split repair, as well as asphalt repair, to avoid harm to the present asphalt.

So just why ought to a house proprietor acquire asphalt sealcoat? Through the initial second that asphalt is set up it begins a degeneration process. The asphalt immediately begins to be damaged from the sun, oxygen, water, and traffic crossing over it. With the close off coating procedure, the  asphalt binding is currently guarded through the above mentioned external circumstances. An additional advantage through asphalt close off coating could be that the asphalt is currently guarded through the harming effects through gas, oil, and de-icing salts. The obvious advantage of asphalt seal covering may be the repair from the initial color of the actual asphalt.  The actual commercial asphalt progression that brand new appearance for any small fraction from the initial price.

Asphalt seal covering is a procedure by which fossil fuel tar emulsion or even asphalt emulsion is  sprayed or brushed onto the asphalt surface area. The actual seal coating material ought to be used in 2 coats generally places and 3 coats within the higher traffic places, for example highway lanes.

The Best Commercial Asphalt Seal Coat

There is certainly a lot debate in regards to what is the greatest software means for the actual seal coating materials. There exists a main mindset among “old school” close off coaters which brushing the actual seal coating material may be the best strategy to use. Still there are several brief comings through the cleaning method. Through brushing the actual seal coating material the actual organic indentations from the asphalt and so are within and also the asphalt loses the grip. Additionally, contrary to public opinion heavier is not really much better when using the close off coat materials.

Quality asphalt paving contractors will ensure that your commercial asphalt is properly sealed and ready to be used for generations to come.  If you need to find an asphalt paving contractor, look online at the National Asphalt Paving Association‘s website.

Commercial Asphalt

Asphalt is known to be one of the oldest building materials. The term “asphalt” is used for a black, sticky and viscous liquid that is obtained as a residue during distillation of various petroleum products. It may also be found as a natural deposit. It is also called bitumen or tar. Basically, asphalt is used as a cement. The commercial asphalt refers to a mixture consisting of mineral aggregate and bitumen.

Uses of Commercial Asphalt

The primary use of commercial asphalt or asphalt concrete is made in construction of roads, pavement, driveways, runways and rail beds. The other uses include running tracks, greenway trails, racetracks, basketball and tennis courts and playgrounds. Commercial asphalt is also used in poultry, barn and greenhouse floors. Use of asphalt floors at log yards, work sites, freight yards and ports is also very common.  In addition, asphalt has been successfully used in drinking water reservoirs, fish hatcheries and for environmental protection, flood control and conservation applications.

Benefits of Commercial Asphalt Paving

The commercial asphalt provides a reliable, durable, wear and weather resistant load bearing surface. It is not dissolved or harmed in water environment and helps to protect stored water from pollution. Its strength and inertness to sea water makes it most useful to stop erosion due to tides and waves.  Asphalt laid by a high-quality asphalt paving contractor will last a lifetime, and save time and money on construction.

How Asphalt is Manufactured

Commercial asphalt companies make and sell hot mix asphalt to various contractors for highways, roads, and commercial and residential projects. The ingredients include different sizes of aggregates and sand that are mixed in required proportion depending upon the use. Next, asphalt (bitumen) is heated and mixed with the mixture of aggregates .The commercial asphalt mixture is immediately loaded onto trucks for delivery to their construction sites. It may also be stored in silos as it begins to cool soon. For this reason, the mixing facility should be near the work site. The equipment has been developed to make the mix at the sites for very small requirements.

Batch production plants make asphalt in batches for the hot mix asphalt that goes straight to the work sites. Drum plants produce the asphalt continuously and have heated storage silos.

Asphalt Specifications

The proper design of mixes, combination of aggregates, and liquid asphalt cement is essential for the production of durable pavement and for other uses to handle the loads and environment. Commercial asphalt paving specifications refer to maintaining the necessary quality standards for bearing load, resistant to weather and water. These specifications vary with the traffic pattern and load and specify the composition of mix, thickness of asphalt surface to be laid, underneath foundation and slope for water drainage.

Choosing an Asphalt Contractor

It is the desire of every person to have quality results in any job that one engages in. For instance, when you want to build a driveway or some pavements, you definitely need an asphalt contractor who can produce high quality work. There are many asphalt contractors out there alleging to provide the best services, but this might not be the case. There are several things that you should look before you hire an asphalt contractor to provide you the services required. Here are some of the things you need to know when hiring an asphalt contractor.

How to Choose an Asphalt Contractor

It is very crucial that you understand the reputation of the asphalt contractor in your area. In checking the reputation you need to find out whether the contractor is listed in the telephone directory. It is necessary that they are in the listing to show the numbers you can contact them if you need to make inquiries. They also need to have a good website where they showcase pictures of their previous jobs, provide guarantee that they provide quality services and also statement to show that they have insurance. In case they have a website you need to look whether they have testimonial sections where customers give feedback on the quality of the services the company and its contractors provide. In case there is positive customer feedback, then you can hire the contractors. However, if you find some negative feedback, it is advisable to search for other companies to avoid disappointments at the end of the work.

Compare Prices with Other Asphalt Contractors

As you engage into negotiations with various asphalt contractors, it is good to have the same estimates on similar materials and type of work you want. This will help you in making comparisons to understand which of the asphalt paving companies is providing the best price for the services you want. This can also help you recognize which types of asphalt are of high quality and the fairest price.

Have a Well-Detailed Contract

When choosing the asphalt contractor, ensure that you have a well written contract that describes every aspect of the agreement made. This will include the price, risk reduction measures, who is to take liabilities in case of an accident and the date by which the project should be finished. If it is possible try as much as you can to put into the contract that you will not make payments to the asphalt contractor until you are fully satisfied with the services offered. This will make the contractor take the work seriously to ensure the best results are achieved. It is important you ensure that the asphalt contractor is certified by paving organizations such as Texas Asphalt Paving Association.

To ensure you get the best results, it is good to be onsite during the work, so that you can monitor how the work is being done. This will offer you an opportunity to request for changes when necessary. However, this does not mean that you become a supervisor, but ensure you are accessible to look at the process to ensure it is done according to the specifications given.

Top 5 Advantages of Asphalt Paving

Whether it is for your driveway, parking garage or the house foundation, asphalt paving is considered the number one choice to create a long lasting and foot-friendly surface for you to walk or drive over. Asphalt paving is widely used not only for home garages, but also in the highways, roads, commercial parking lots, and even airport runways.  Hiring a paving contractor will improve the quality of your surface, and construction will be quick and efficient.  Hiring a contractor can save you time and money on your project.

So needless to say, asphalt paving is one of the most durable, reliable and cost-effective methods of creating a smooth and vehicle-friendly surface on the ground. But you might be wondering about the alternative – using concrete instead of asphalt. Does using asphalt offers any special advantages over the other?

Asphalt Paving vs. Concrete – Which One Is the Best Option?

To help you make your decision easily and wisely, here are the top benefits asphalt paving offers for your home or commercial environments.

1. Time Saving: Asphalt material is easier to prepare and it dries up much faster than concrete.

2. Cost-Effective: The initial cost of using asphalt is less than concrete. So it is more economical if you are on a tight budget to use asphalt to fix holes or cracks in your driveways or other areas that need proper paving.

3. Cheaper to Maintain: Just like the initial preparation and costs, asphalt is much cheaper and easier to maintain later, in case a crack or pothole appears years later due to weather changes or other factors.
4. More Flexibility: Whether it is due to weather changes, sunlight, rain and moisture, paving material is always under some type of natural pressure. Asphalt offers more flexibility than concrete, making it more immune to cracks or potholes compared to concrete.

5. Tear-Proof: Because of the special material used in making asphalt, it is very resistant against tears and cracks, because it simply shrinks and expands according to the temperature outside. Due to this special feature asphalt offers over concrete, it is proven to be a more durable paving solution.